The McGurk Group can help you strategically develop your IP portfolio to maximize its potential value in the market. For example, your portfolio can be monetized by protecting your commercial operations, by licensing to third parties in non-competitive spaces, by selling or licensing non-productive IP assets, or by creating a licensed spin-off to use an IP asset, to name just a few.
Portfolio Development & IP Monetization:Stack of coins
Portfolio development, especially a global portfolio, can be an expensive proposition and should approached strategically. We can help you map out a plan for filing a global portfolio to protect your investments in technology. That plan will focus on strategic filings to maximize IP protection in key regions and countries. By preparing a plan early, we can help you budget and avoid last minute decisions that can be costly. A well prepared, strategic IP plan will also include and identify all potential opportunities for monetizing your assets. And remember that all plans need to be updated at least annually to account for changing business circumstances that may affect your filing and monetization plans.